Extreme Tech Challenge Launches XTC Academy


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Today, the world’s most advanced next-gen technology and innovation competition, the Extreme Tech Challenge(XTC), is unveiling details surrounding the launch of its XTC Academy, which offers an exclusive series of seminars and working sessions to help entrepreneurs and their startups reach their full potential.  Entrepreneurs that submit their startup become part of an exclusive community with access to key advisors and mentors who share their expertise in an intimate setting.

XTC Academy is designed to ensure all participants receive tangible, actionable information they can apply immediately to overcome the obstacles hindering their success, improve their pitch, form a powerful network, create an effective marketing strategy and more. XTC is partnering with the new e-learning platform SuperSummit as it creates a seamless interactive experience allowing entrants to engage like never before with upcoming speakers including author and marketer Porter Gale; DominateFund managing partner and former Mashable Editor Ben Parr; communications expert and author Carmine Gallo; and members of the XTC celebrity judging panel and Advisory Council.

“We are very excited to support Extreme Tech Challenge with the hunt for the world’s most promising entrepreneurs,” said Marco Montemagno, founder of SuperSummit. “With the XTC Academy, we’ll be imparting knowledge from business and tech leaders, distilled into the SuperSummit format which enables people to watch live video interviews while interact with the guests.”

Marco Montemagno will host the first XTC Academy seminar on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. His first guest is Ryan Holiday, director of marketing for American Apparel and media strategist behind authors Tucker Max and Robert Greene. The seminar will focus on how entrepreneurs can pinpoint the obstacles hindering their success and how to eliminate them.

The first seminar will be open to the public. Beyond that, entrants and XTC partners will have access to exclusive seminars and working sessions. Entrepreneurs who submit now have up until the September 30, 2014application deadline to update entries.

More information on some of the upcoming XTC Academy speakers can be found below:

  • Porter Gale is a marketing expert who helped launch the Virgin Brand. She is also the master of making connections as the author of “Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections for Wealth, Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age.” Gale will help XTC entrants become a master marketer and connector.
  • Carmine Gallo is a communications expert who wrote “How To Present Like Steve Jobs” and his most recent best seller “How To Talk Like TED: The 9 Presentation Secrets of the World’s Top Minds”. He’ll offer entrants advice on creating the perfect pitch and presentation for XTC judges.
  • Andrea Lake is a serial entrepreneur whose current companies include StickerJunkie.com, YogaJunkie, Delinquent Distribution (owns sales rights on the merchandise for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Walking Dead, etc.), and Lessons.biz. Lake’s seminar will not only give entrepreneurs actionable steps on how to surround themselves with the most passionate, hard hitting, inspiring entrepreneurs, but also how to create value in those relationships to accelerate success for both parties.
  • Ben Parr is a former Mashable editor who is now a Managing Partner of DominateFund, a seed-stage venture capital fund. He’s writing a new book focusing on Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention. Parr will share insights on getting the attention innovators need to move their product.
  • Justin Kan: founder of Twitch.tv
  • many more…