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Celebrate Social Media Day 2014 with SuperSummit! A 1 day marathon online event, starting at 7 am GMT till midnight!


This online event is a 1 day marathon online event – starting at 7 am GMT till midnight! -  gathering together some of the brightest minds in the social media sector in a collection of video interviews sessions – 30 min. long – that are free to watch live.

Celebrate the Social Media Day 2014 with SuperSummit!


The event is online only.


Michaela Laemmler


More speakers coming soon, btw do you rem ember our Digital Domination Summit or Presentation SuperSummit Speakers?

Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner Media), Seth Godin, David Weinberger (Author), Bil Tai (Venture Capitalist), Phil Bosua (Lifx), Renaud Visage (Eventbrite), Steve Rubel (EVP/Edelman), Peter Arvai (Prezi Founder) Gil Blander (InsideTracker), Alicia Navarro (Skimlinks), Carmine Gallo (Author), Brad Garlinghouse (Yousendit), Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen), Josef Dunne (Babelverse), Andrew Warner (Mixergy), David Siteman Garland (The Rise To The Top), Chris Savage (Wistia), Jeff Hagins (SmartThings), Alex Mittal (FundersClub), Amelia Showalter (former Director Digital Analytics, Obama re-election campaign)  and more!

Still not convinced? Check these videos below:


Fast track your skills and learn from the best how to run a social media strategy that really works.


We want you to be part of a unique experience that will stimulate and challenge. We know it will inspire!


Coming soon…
NB: we try to close the agenda close to the event to ensure we include all the latest trends and topics


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