How to go from zero to 1MLN YouTube subscribers with Marques Brownlee

A 1 hour long Marques Brownlee interview with Marco Montemagno @SuperSummit that you can’t miss!

Marques is phenomenal and if you don’t know him yet, here is an abstract from his Wikipedia entry:

Brownlee is best known today for his content about hand-held devices. As of December 2013, he has over 804,190 subscribers, which makes MKBHD the most subscribed-to ‘Tech-based’ YouTube channel. Brownlee usually uploads one video per week. According to SocialBlade’s Channel rating system, As of January 2014, MKBHD holds a grade A, with a subscriber rank of 620th and a video rank at 3,347th with a personal SocialBlade rating of 475th.[9]

Brownlee’s reviews have been promoted by other review sites. Engadget promoted, in January 2012 they feature his tour of the then-new cloud based storage service called Insync[10] In November 2013, one of Brownlee’s most viral videos was posted based on the LG G Flex.[11] He performed various scratch tests to portray the self-healing ability of the device.[12] The video hit over a million views in the first day. As of January 2014, the video has 3,270,681 views.[13] In December 2013, Brownlee did an interview with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside which was widely quoted.[14][15]Woodside confirmed his plans for customization with Project Ara.[16]