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Chris Seth ( on Mobile Business & The New Startup Landscape

In this interview Chris shares his vision about and tons of interesting business topics and gives tips and advises to be successful in your mobile business. Enjoy… About Chris Seth: Acting as the Executive Vice President at Banjo, Chris Seth is focused on developing the company’s business and strategy. Before Banjo, Chris helped build successful global

brad feld

Brad Feld on Business, Startup Communities & the New Funding Landscape

Wow talking with Brad Feld it’s simply a…privilege! In this interview Brad shares his vision about tons of interesting business topics and gives tips and advises to be successful in your business. Enjoy… About Brad Feld: Brad is one of the managing directors at Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that invests in early stage software /


2012: How to Optimize, Secure and Speed up your WordPress, with Jason Cohen (WPEngine)

Do you use WordPress (yes you’re in good company…57,337,325 sites use WordPress in the world!)? But how to secure, optimize and speed up your wordpress? Just watch this interview with Jason Cohen cofounder and CEO of WPEngine ;) About Jason Jason is the founder of four companies including Smart Bear and currently WPEngine. He took Smart Bear from


Why Pretotyping matters to your business, with Alberto Savoia

You’ve never heard about “pretotyping” – not prOtotyping… -? Then you should definitely watch this interview with Alberto Savoia who developed the concept of pretotyping while working at Google, gave hundreds of seminars on innovation at Google (and also Stanford) and is now founder of PretotypeLabs and discover why it could matter to your business. Enjoy! About Alberto Savoia: Alberto Savoia


Why Transcribing Your Content Improve Your Business, with David Feinleib (Speechpad)

Watch this great chat with David Feinleib CEO and Co-Founder, Speechpad! We’ve been talking about transcriptions, how a good transcription can affect your SEO, how it works behind the scenes and much more (if you’re interested also in “Big Data” and “Quantified Self” keep on watching..). About David: Davis is an investor, advisor, and serial


Why people are leaving your website? All you need to know with Darrell Benatar (

Why people are leaving your website? How can you perform low-cost remote usability testing for your website or mobile app? How to find your site’s biggest problem? Just watch NOW this interview with Darrell Benatar CEO and co-founder of! About Darrell Benatar: Darrell Benatar, a serial entrepreneur, founded in 1999 and hired Dave